Flight Simulator Stuff


This page is for all kinds of Flight Simulator stuff.  I am just setting up this page, so there isn't much here yet, but there will be much more!  So check back often.


MS Flight Simulator


Here is a KR2S that is powered by a 200hp engine, so it isn't very realistic performance, but fun to fly nevertheless.

Choose the zip file for your version of Flight Simulator:

MS FS 98                MS FS 2000
KR2S                         KR2S

Installation Instructions:

1.  Download the file to your desktop
2.  Double-click on the KR2S zip file and WinZip will open.
3.  Then find the "Extract" symbol and click on it.
4.  It will then open a window and ask you where you want to extract it to (make sure the box at the bottom of the window that says "USE
FOLDER NAMES" is checked)
    A.  Click on the plus symbol in front of the +[C:] drive
    B.  Find "Program Files" and click on the + symbol
    C.  Find "Microsoft Games" and click on the + symbol
    D.  Find "Fs98 and click on the + symbol
    E.  Find the folder marked "Aircraft" and click on the folder (not the plus symbol) so it is highlighted (do not double click to open it)
    F.  Click on the extract button and you should be done.

Then start up FS 98 and find the KR2S under "Select Aircraft" and you should be all ready to fly the KR2S. You can also find tutorials at
www.flightsm.com  or the guys at www.cardam.com will be happy to walk you through it. Enjoy and watch for updates and improvements.