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I really don't want to sell my KR-2, but I have to.  I have only flown it once and the retractable gear collapsed on landing.  I would like to keep it and replace the original retracts with fixed gear, but I need the money and have another plane to fly.  (Albeit, not as fast or inexpensively!)  The 40 hrs. of test flying has not been completed, so you would have to take care of that.  It was very simple to get a new test area from the FAA, so you will have no problem.  The workmanship of this bird is incredible and you will not be disappointed when you see it.  The photos are great, but you obviously can't see everything.

I will add some photos of the damage done on the gear collapse landing, but it wasn't much.  When the gear is retracted the tire is less than halfway into the wing, so it rolled on the tires.  Nothing touched, but the gear fairings, the exhaust pipes, prop, pitot tube and fuel vent.  The gear does not appear to be damaged in any way, but the locking mechanism didn't hold for me.

The repairs that will need to be done are:

Improvements I would recommend:

I purchased this homebuilt aircraft in February 2002.  It is a great little airplane that is built with wood, foam and fiberglass.  The workmanship on this bird is absolutely fabulous.  Very nice fiberglass work.  They are very efficient and fast.  Below are some details and photos.


    Engine instruments include:


Full flight instruments which include:


Top Speed:  200 mph (Probably more like 185 mph)
Cruise:  180 mph (Probably more like 165-170 mph)
Stall:  52 mph
Rate of Climb (light): 1200 fpm
Rate of Climb (gross):  800 fpm
Weight:  745 lbs.
Gross Weight:  1340 lbs.
Useful Load:  595 lbs.
Takeoff Distance:  350 ft.
Landing Distance:  600 ft.
Range:  1050 mi. w/1 hr. reserve
Fuel Consumption:  4 gph


The asking price of $8,500 is not even close to what you would have to pay just for the materials to start building one ($6,945 from Rand Robinson right now.)  That would not even include the engine, instruments and avionics.  As you can see from the panel, it is a very nice setup for an extremely  inexpensive homebuilt.  Anyway, get in touch and I will be happy to give you all the information I can. 

Work:  978-461-7270
Home:  978-630-1210 

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Photos from after the gear collapse

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